Live an Alternate Life with MMO’s

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of living a completely different life as a totally different person to who you are now. No, you’re not crazy and it’s not as far-fetched of an idea as you think. The explosion of the MMO game genre makes living a second life on PC and console a reality, which means there’s hope for you yet!

MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online games. They’re expansive virtual worlds where you can choose an avatar and live a second life completely removed from your own. MMO’s are incredibly popular right now and games in this genre are known for bringing in a staggering amount of money in the eSports arena. These games have captured the attention of the world and there is no short supply in terms of the amount and sheer variety of MMO’s available.

MMO’S open up a nearly limitless amount of scenarios and worlds for you to explore. Whether you want to commandeer your own spaceship to explore distant galaxies or want to play as an elven mage in a high fantasy world, there’s probably an MMO game out there that will tick all your boxes. We’ve put together a list of the most popular MMO games that are being played right now to make it easier for you to find the second life of your dreams so that you can jump into it right now.

World of Warcraft

First released in 2004, World of Warcraft is the MacDaddy of MMO games and it is as popular as the sports betting NZ has to offer. It boasts a dedicated player base that is maintained by the frequent release of new content to make sure that the game stays relevant and engaging to its players. This has made it one of the most successful and influential games in the genre. If you’re looking for a high fantasy role playing MMO game, you can’t go wrong with the long-reigning champion of this genre.

Lord Of The Rings Online

Is there any fictional world better suited to a MMO adaption than Tolkien’s Middle Earth? In Lord of the Rings Online, you get to choose between being an elf, human, dwarf or hobbit and explore all the locations that you’ve seen and read about in the famous fantasy trilogy. You can set off on a quest, purchase and set up a home or busy yourself with crafting special items. In terms of mechanics, the Lord of the Rings Online is a relatively standard MMORPG but its mythical setting allows you to explore this magical world with an intimacy that no other LOTR game has allowed.

Planetside 2

Available on PS4 and PC, Planetside 2 is a first person shooter MMO that will have you waging an all-out war against other players. The game centres around three divisive factions that are in a constant state of war. You will need to pick a side and spend your time with your faction strategically attacking and defending bases on a massive map in order to remain ahead of your opposition.

Black Desert Online

This Korean MMO is a stunning if not complex game. It boasts one of the most dynamic character creation systems available in the MMO genre. Black Desert Online is a great game for players who want to immerse themselves in the depths of a second life by cultivating an intense and interesting profession. The game features a number of crafting systems and mechanics with which to engage with, and connecting them together might be time consuming and complicated. For those dedicated enough to invest their time in the game, it can be incredibly rewarding.

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