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Audit & Assurance

Audit and assurance is all about meticulous data analysis. Everything needs to be checked, double checked, and triple checked.

Global consumer insights

Rapid solutions to the most complex business challenges with cooperative process-driven.

Thought Leadership

A solution is proposed, from here you can action the plan with just outline assistance.


Travel and Aviation

Company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final production.

Local Business

We consider all the drivers of change - from the ground up and we'll motivate and support you to make the change.

Consumer Products

Design repeatable growth models and innovation pipelines that generate new products with higher potential and lower risks of failure.

Financial Services

We work buy-side and sell-side and give our clients hard-hitting and objective answers and focus hard on the best opportunities.

Energy and Environment

We work across all the major geographies, meaning we understand the underlying drivers in construction markets.

Transport & Logistics

Scheduled transport operations, from broad market trends and strategy to the development of integrated commercial strategies.

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How to Protect Intellectual Property

You need to consider the reasons for protecting your intellectual property and then decide which strategy would be best. You might be able to register your trademarks and protect your ideas using copyright notices, but you may want to consider patenting your work. You can also use a combination of these methods. Once you have chosen which method is right for your business, it’s time to start the process of protecting your intellectual property. Protecting your intellectual property also makes it easier to take legal action against anyone who copies or steals this information.

How do business loans work?

Banks and financial institutions offer small business loans for small businesses to get funding for various requirements. For example, if a business requires money to buy material or equipment, they can apply for a loan from the bank. Here, we will present how do business loans work. Loans can be secured (where you use some asset like real estate as security) or unsecured (no collateral).

How to start a credit repair business?

It is a well known fact that more than 75% of mortgages, car purchases and credit card applications are turned down by the banks for some reason or another. The credit market has been a lucrative business for a long time now, but however no one ever thought that it would become as fierce as it currently is. In this article we have attempted to discuss the various options available for those who wish to start a credit repair business. The information has been given after thorough research and study of this industry which we think is an excellent opportunity for anyone with the knowledge and resources to start up a small scale enterprise in this field.

Why is social media an important part of inbound marketing?

Social media is now one of the most important factors in our business. Every time we sit down to do the planning, social media has a spot on the table. It’s not just about Facebook and Twitter anymore. Now you have to post on Instagram. You must be active on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, StumbleUpon – and that’s just the first six letters of the alphabet!

How our jobs affect fashion trends

The world of work has a profound effect on what fashion designers create and do. Through the centuries, clothes designers looked at the world of industry and tried to develop practical and stylish clothes. The demands of the working populace can also heavily influence designers as to what they come up with.  What is interesting to note is that much of what we wear now was at one time just workwear. Let’s look at some clothing items that were once used for a very different purpose than the fashion and leisure fun that we do now.

Why should your business use performance planner?

Did you know that 90% of businesses want to be more successful? Maybe you’re wondering how the performance planner can help your business. Here we will explain why should your business use performance planner? Performance planner is the most valuable business tool you have at your fingertips. If your company is spending their advertising budget on Google Adwords campaigns, then you’re missing out. The fact is that 95% of people using the internet are actually using search engines to find products or services they want to buy.

Starting up Your Own Business

Although it is a really exciting thing to do, starting a business of your own can also be a very stressful and worrying time too. Many people are aware that the most difficult time for any business is during the first year, so making sure that you put all you have into your business over that first year can really cause a lot of mental strain, as well as the fact that it can feel like a huge risk that you are taking to do it.

Should I Outsource My Marketing Needs?

Running a business is no easy task. You probably feel like an octopus juggling a million things at once. Small businesses especially can often struggle to manage everything. This can include things like payroll, recruitment, accounting and marketing. Without large departments doing this work for you as you would find in a corporate setting, often these tasks are left to just a handful of people. One of the most important of these is marketing. Without spreading the word, how will your business ever grow? One solution is to outsource your marketing and here are some of the benefits to this:

Fixing the common problems in trading problems

Every trader has to face some sort of problem in the trading profession. No matter how hard they try, they keep on messing things up. This is due to the fact, that they don’t know the proper way to find reliable trade signals in the market. They don’t have the skills to deal with their problems. To become a professional stock trader, you must learn to fix the most common problems in the stock trading profession. Unless you systematically do that, you will be on the losing side in the investment business.

Why do advertisers care about driving calls to their business?

Businesses have a variety of options to attract new customers and clients. One marketing strategy is to drive calls with advertising, which may be the most cost-effective way for companies to reach their target market.  Let’s take a look at some of why advertisers care about driving calls from potential customers.

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