Four Best Apps For Creative Note-Taking

When deciding whether to use digital or paper notes, it can be hard picking the option that’s best for your creativity. It’s easy to see how digital note-taking can limit creativity, but with these applications, that’s not the case according to experts from top online casino sites.

Whether you’re a creative freelancer, working for a creative company, or simply someone looking for a homely environment for your notes, this list of applications offers a bundle of innovative features to suit your creative needs. Let’s look at some of the best applications for creative note-taking. 


Craft offers a beautiful environment for designing creative notes. The app is built on note cards, which can be sorted into folders for a simple hierarchy. Craft expertly pays attention to the small details to provide an aesthetically-pleasing editing experience, courtesy of

You can change the appearance of note cards by adding a background or cover image. There are several colour options you can customize, or you can select one of the attractive presets. The rich text editor offers many styling features to create visually impressive notes.


Evernote is an impressive note-taking tool with a range of features to fine-tune your digital notes. There are four pricing models available, however, you’ll find the majority of the creative features in the free version.

Evernote’s image editor is one of its most versatile features. Here you can add arrows and shapes to your images and access more advanced options such as blur, marker, and highlighter options. There are no limitations on colour choice—the colour wheel lets you choose any colour, so you aren’t restricted to a specific colour set for your annotations.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a brilliant cross-platform note-taking tool with many options to explore your creativity. The app is built on visual notebooks and note cards, creating an experience similar to physical note-taking.

You can design a front cover for notebooks by selecting from a range of available images, or by uploading your photo. This customization gives your notes a visually-appealing environment while making certain topics easier to detect.

Inside each notebook, a variety of note cards are available, including text or image cards, and audio recordings. You can change the colour of each card and view them either in a grid or list format. The font colour will automatically optimize depending on the note colour, giving your notes a clean, slick appearance.

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note offers several unique tools for creative note-takers. The text editor utilizes many formatting features seen in Evernote but offers some extra options to style your notes in innovative ways.

Text labels are an additional option separate from changing the text or highlighter colour. These add a coloured border around the text, making it easily visible. Buttons are another feature, allowing you to insert links as stylized buttons with colouring and shadow options available.

Nimbus Note also offers an integrated screencasting feature called Nimbus Capture to record screencasts and embed them in your note pages. You can easily insert videos via the commands list and even edit them after. This is a powerful tool if you’re a student and want to create mini self-made tutorials as you learn.

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