16 innovative business ideas to create your own company

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Thousands of people today are considering starting their own business, whether it’s online from home or with a physical location, and for good reason. People who have 8-hour jobs a day and don’t see their effort rewarded think about moving toward greater independence by being their own bosses.

The good news is that any type of business is within the reach of everyone who is not afraid to take a small risk and work hard. The key point is that you evaluate and keep a project control.

And if you are one of those people, but you have no clue as to what type of company to set up, here are 16 business ideas to start your journey.

16 innovative business ideas to create your own company

1. Bicycle repair

The use of bicycles for transportation has increased in recent years. And while this may be good business, it also tends to depend on the seasons of the year.

However, you can rent a small warehouse and offer to store your customers’ bikes during the winter and, at other times of the year, repair them. Also for those people who are dedicated to cycling, and who train either in snow, rain, or on dark nights, you can have a business throughout the year.

Many of them fix and repair their own bikes, but many others do not; so it can be a great business idea if you have a basic understanding of this.

2. Cleaning services

Although this is not one of the most innovative businesses, this type of company can have many addresses. If you want to work during the hours that nobody wants, you can focus on office cleaning.

The restaurants are also places that require constant and can be a great source of regular customers. Or perhaps you are more interested in creating a house cleaning contract.

Be that as it may, with this type of business you can have many opportunities for success for all the possibilities it offers.

3. Editorial services

This is one of the most expansive business ideas possible, and best of all, you can do it from your own home if you want, and without spending just a penny. The services you can provide are …

  • Corrector: here we work with already written texts that are going to be published but, before that, they need to be reviewed to see that there are no grammatical or other errors.
  • Ghost Writer: As a ghost writer, you will be the one to do the research and write the book on your topic, and someone else will put your name as the author. Although you should be careful with this option.
  • Copywriter: Also known as business writing, it is writing to promote a product or service.
  • Article Writer: You can set up a small agency with several freelance journalists and write articles to later sell to magazines.

4. Event planner

This is another good business that is booming right now and that has several options. You can create a catering company, and organize meals for events such as birthdays, weddings, company celebrations …

You can also perform shows for the aforementioned celebrations, and even offer services such as manufacturing and customizing gift details for the specific event.

5. Personal training

Surely, for this business you will need experience or a license to practice it, but it is certainly a great opportunity to turn your hobby into a good business.

If you like sports, find a place, some specialized employees, and create a gym in a neighborhood or point in your city where there is none.

If yours is more the world of crafts, establish a store with materials for it and give courses there a couple of days a week.

There are thousands of business ideas in this: opening a bookstore if you are passionate about reading, creating a small music school to give private lessons if you know how to play an instrument …

6. Subscription boxes

This is a business idea that is gaining strength in recent months.

It is about offering a box with several surprise products of the same theme that is sent home every month to subscribers so they can try new products that come onto the market.

Customers pay a fee each month to receive these boxes at home, which usually contain between 4 and 5 mini-size products or in the form of samples.

Currently there are subscription boxes of all kinds: food, cosmetics, items for babies and pregnant moms, cleaning products for the home, accessories for pets …

7. Moving services

Many people who move prefer to hire someone to do all the heavy lifting of packing and trucking their dearest furniture and belongings.

You can create a company that make moving between long distances, or if you prefer, leave this to the large transport companies and devote yourself to small removals as they are in the same town or between towns nearby.

However, those of this type are those that people often think of doing for themselves. So you will have to invest a little more effort to convince them otherwise and get them to hire you for it.

8. Courier company

Surely, this is the least innovative business of all, but it may be the most profitable of the previous ones in this article and with which you will never be short of clients. And you may be wondering why.

The great appearance of new online stores means that these electronic businesses need courier companies to take their customers’ orders to their homes; But in addition, many physical stores have also switched to e-commerce.

And considering that according to many studies Internet shopping is increasingly outpacing sales in electronic stores, more messengers are also needed to take purchases to the homes of customers.

But not only that: there are thousands of companies, both small and medium, online and offline, that are sponsored every day through contests where they give away their products so that people can try them and increase their sales.

And who is in charge of bringing those awards? Exactly, the courier companies.

9. Sale of ecological fashion

Every day, society is more aware of caring for the environment and the dangers to human health that comes with using fabrics that are artificially manufactured.

Many people are developing allergies and skin diseases due to chemical dyes or unnatural fabrics in clothing, and are looking for organic or organic clothing.

These garments are usually made with organic cotton, hypoallergenic fabrics, free of chemicals and contaminants, and are biodegradable.

Although there are already some stores that offer this type of fashion, there are still very few on the market; that is why this business idea can bring you great income while being in solidarity with the planet.

10. Photographer for Google Business View

Google Business is a service offered by this search engine so that physical businesses appear on its platform and customers can access information and photos inside the premises.

But Google is not the one who takes the photos of these companies, but hires photographers to take them, send them to them, and can upload them to this service.

If you want to dedicate yourself to this world – or you are already a professional in the sector – you can send your request to Google Maps so that they can verify and approve your application.

The only requirements are that you have your own photography equipment (you need to use specific cameras and lenses), a website, and a commercial license to start this business.

11. Online store with flat rate

This business idea is quite curious and novel. It is about creating an online store where all products have the same price (with separate shipping costs), regardless of whether they are different items.

For example: if you have decided to start a virtual clothing store, sell both shirts, jerseys, pants, shoes or dresses for the same price ($ 15, $ 20, $ 25) plus the shipping amount separately.

12. Rental of premises for exhibitions and events

Renting premises to rent them is nothing new; But doing it so that a different type of event is held every day, week or month is something new that has been gaining strength in recent months.

For this business idea, you will need some capital to buy a place with enough space to hold events. But it can be a company that generates very good benefits for you if you choose a space on a well-positioned street.

You can rent your premises to independent artists to hold exhibitions of their works, to companies that want to offer a specific event, or even to individuals who want to hold birthday parties, banquets, etc.

In all these cases, you will not have to do anything: the clients will have to manage the decoration, the food service if they want to include one, etc.

13. Sale of clothes for extracurricular activities

A big problem that mothers have is buying clothes for their children’s extracurricular activities such as dance classes, karate, theater, etc.

Although there are some specialized stores, these are usually only in big cities and do not always have clothes for all these types of activities.

So a good idea is to start a store – virtual or physical – where you offer them these clothes at a good price, and they can buy everything they need in one place, including accessories to make them.

14. Mobile aesthetic services

This business idea is ideal if you want to set up your own beauty salon, but you do not have enough money to rent the premises and all its appliances.

It consists of an aesthetic “truck” in which you provide some services such as manicures, pedicures, or facials. The best thing is that it will give you freedom by being able to move around various areas of your city.

You can buy or rent the vehicle, install some devices, and you will already have your own beauty company. Of course: make sure it has a good space for customers to feel comfortable in it.

15. Modern vending machines

Surely, you already know the typical vending machines that serve foods such as drinks, sandwiches, or chocolates.

Why not turn this type of venture around and sell other products? In countries like the United States, Sweden or Japan, these unconventional machines already exist and their success is overwhelming.

Instead of distributing food, they offer customers books, music CDs, funny picture t-shirts, already baked and decorated cupcakes, and even cosmetic makeup products.

This is a good company in which you will only have to replace the exhausted articles, and make sure to place the machine in a well-traveled place (with the corresponding licenses from your government or city council that you must have, of course).

16. Smartphone repair

If you have the ability to drive and repair your smartphone every time it breaks, you may want to consider starting a smartphone repair business.

Everybody today has such a cell phone. And although they include more features than the phones of 10 years ago, it is also true that they break more.

Buying a new mobile can be very expensive; this is why many people prefer to take theirs to repair to see if they can continue using it and save some money.

So if you know this type of technology well, this business idea can be very profitable.

Which of these business ideas have you found most novel and surprising? Leave me a comment below with your answer.

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