Instagram vs Facebook ADS: Which one to use to develop your brand?

Instagram vs Facebook ADS

Creating an effective advertising campaign is essential for the development of your project. However, there is a great dilemma of which social network to use. In light of that, Instagram vs Facebook ADS, which one to use to develop your brand? What is the best way to develop and position the product? How to choose?

It must be recognized that using advertising on social networks is not something new, but rather it is the custom of popular brands. Incorporating stores in various social networks is taken as part of the strategies as a flagship strategy to reach, consolidate and maintain itself over time.

Instagram vs Facebook ADS: Which is better?

To help you choose if Instagram vs Facebook ADS, we will present you the way each of them has its own way of advertising. Once you know them, you can choose the one that is convenient for you. In view of this, we invite you to read until the end of the post.

Instagram vs Facebook ADSIf you are interested in knowing what each social network offers to advertise in its own way, see how the different alternatives are presented separately. Then you can have a clear vision of each way of publicizing a brand and select the one that fits your reality.

In view of that, let’s start with the advantages it has in this Instagram vs Facebook ADS and we detail them below:


It is a totally visual network, as it contains among its benefits the placing of high-quality images and taking care of the artistic details that are needed to capture the attention of users. In the same way, the growth of your community is guaranteed by adding followers with each campaign.

Remember that if you have a number of followers, these will be the multipliers to publicize your products very effectively, reaching their own contacts automatically and free of charge.

Facebook ADS:

Being able to filter customers by segmentation is a valuable tool to reach the right group depending on their behavior, data, interests. With this, you know what audience you reach and the quality that accompanies it. Having this data allows you to focus on the ideal strategies to grow. Let’s see how to solve facebook ad manager not loading?

Regardless of the type of ad, be it a photo, video, or text, the format of the network adapts to the story you want to tell. This guarantees a positioning of the brand since, due to the appearance, the ad is placed in a good position.

In addition, the surveys are easy to consult and monitor in real-time, which allows you to define a considerable budget depending on the results. These are some of the main advantages of advertising through this social network; But now that you consider it, the question is which one to use efficiently?

Instagram vs Facebook ADS Which one should you finally use?

By knowing each of these social networks, you can see that both are extraordinary platforms for a campaign for your brand with a good investment. The important thing is that you are clear about the objective you want with this marketing strategy.

You should not forget, according to the preference of your future clients, which social network is the one they use the most. To mention a few examples, if your product is of a youth style, perhaps Instagram is the best alternative: but if it is something for adult consumption, Facebook is more useful for you.

Finally, to find out who wins in the Instagram vs Facebook ADS dilemma, consider the brand, who it is addressed to and then advertise without regret wherever you want.