Is Social Media Still an Important Tool for Business?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have long relied on the exposure brought about by the various different social media platforms and the different audiences they’re aimed at – whether this is a fortune 500 global business that uses social media as their online presence, or online services like those found here that use social media platforms as a way to show some online personality – is it still an essential tool for business though, or has the importance of social media changed?

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One of the key things that social media drives more than any other platform is engagement – with the platforms being designed in such a way to encourage businesses to develop a personality online and better connect with customers, users, and even those who may just be swinging by for the first time. Platforms that have enabled engagement further have only continued to grow too as the likes of TikTok, Snapchat, and similar have emerged over time moving a bit further away from the other traditional platforms like Facebook which has had a shift in audience and Twitter which has changed plenty over time too. Stats also suggest that consumers have a much better experience when being able to directly communicate with a business too.

It’s also a great tool for consumers to discover a new business too – and for small businesses that have yet to launch their own online presence too, a suggested 55% of consumers have stated that they were able to discover a new company through social media rather than other platforms too showing just how important it is to have some exposure online and using that presence to develop further too. This same figure looks to extend further too as up to 78% of consumers have said they’re more likely to buy from a business after having a positive social media experience too.

There are many that have been able to use their online exposure to gain more popularity too, looking at Twitter profiles like PaddyPower have shown that a good social media team can have even more profound impact too as being one of the most well known social media teams around the world too – not all business can replicate the same success as not all will be able to follow a similar path, but does show that a bit of ingenuity and creativity can lead to some great results regardless of what the business type is, and shows more than ever often the value of having a social media team, and just how important social media as a whole still is for business as a tool.

Author: Chowdhury Shahid Uz Zaman
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