Bunny Business Plan: Be a Successful Bunny Breeder

bunny business

Do you love animals and, in particular, bunnies? Are you looking for a job but have no idea? Then you are in the right place to find out how to open a farm and become a bunny breeder. By reading our article, you will have the opportunity to combine your passion with a very interesting and fascinating career path and profitability. How? Raising bunnies. Yes, you read that correctly. Raising a bunny business is a full-fledged job and can even be very rewarding. If you don’t know where to start, we advise you to continue reading our article to discover all the trade secrets and approach this sector with knowledge of the facts.

How to open a bunny business farm

A type of activity that has spread rapidly in recent years is breeding dwarf bunnies. It is not an agricultural company or similar for those unfamiliar with the sector. Even if the technical skills necessary to manage this type of activity are often common to that of traditional bunny breeding.

bunny businessThe dwarf bunny is an affectionate pet that adapts to home life. The spread in the homes of this bunny has affected both those who have large spaces. Many individuals who live in small apartments.

The dwarf bunny, like its main ‘cousin,’ is a delicate animal that needs a lot of attention, in particular, as regards the aspects related to:

  • Nutrition;
  • The place where he lives (the cage and its cleaning, etc.);
  • Medical treatment and veterinary assistance.

Developing a business by breeding this type of animal is possible and numerous examples prove it.

The key points of the entrepreneurial formula are two:

  1. Knowing how to raise bunnies with care and attention, managing to make them reproduce and grow them healthy;
  2. Being able to market the dwarf bunnies of their breeding optimally, obtaining good results.

On the critical issues related to breeding, we will give space below, while regarding the marketing of these animals, we must remember that the Web. Through its dedicated site and the use of social networks, in particular, Facebook represents the ideal medium. To make themselves known, keep in touch with their customers and potential future buyers.

It is also important to participate in forums and make oneself known by people living in other regions. Giving practical advice, indirectly expanding one’s notoriety.

In this sector, there are two types of breeding:

  • Those with an amateur character and
  • Those with a predominantly professional nature.

What sets them apart?

First of all, the size: the number of animals reared, the number of mares used, the area intended for breeding, etc. Then, amateur breeding that allows you to grow some animals and perhaps sell them to friends and acquaintances certainly cannot define itself as a business in all respects.

What do they have in common?

Passion is the seriousness with which it is necessary to manage a business of this type, regardless of size. As we have just mentioned above, the bunny is a delicate animal that requires a lot of care at all stages of breeding. The choice of food (one of the key points of this activity) must be managed carefully, as incorrect nutrition can compromise the health of the animal. Sometimes it takes very little to compromise a serious and long job of producing and raising bunnies.

The choice of vegetables, the quantity and method of administration, and the necessary medical care are part of the periodic management of activity of this type. Regardless of whether carried out with pure business objectives or, in the context of a small farm.

Among the commercial channels to be considered to sell their bunnies. There are also and above all the pet shops that still represent a basic point where buyers buy dwarf bunnies.

Raising bunny business: how to become a breeder and make money

If you want to breed bunnies, the first and most important warning to keep in mind is that all those who intend to open a bunny farm will have to strictly adhere to the standards necessary to ensure the animals live in health. Only in this way will they be able to ensure the loyalty of their customers.

The market is increasingly sensitive to so-called 0 km products. For this reason, starting such activity could prove to be nothing short of advantageous. The secret is to allow customers to see the bunnies. Everything must be done with the utmost transparency, allowing the final consumer to understand that these are genuine products and reared following the rules. Indeed, a good idea could be represented by the organization of guided visits to the farms in question. In this way, commercial success is guaranteed to say the least.

Bunny breeder, how to take up this profession

A medium-sized farm hosts around 250 bunnies a year. In any case, can be considered very profitable. One thing is certain: before engaging in a large activity. It is advisable to have a brief experience to become familiar with the animals in question and to understand precisely the dynamics behind such a job. A very useful piece of advice to treasure is that it is advisable to have males of one breed and females of another breed in your kennel. Only in this way will it be possible to give shape to strong offspring ready to resist any kind of adversity. Then, a valid alternative is to breed pet bunnies, such as for example, the dwarf bunny.

There are many questions to ask. For example, is it preferable to raise a bunny on the ground or in a cage? Without a doubt, the best method is ground rearing in the presence of cages. Of course, the best breeding is outdoor, but you can only put it into practice if you have very large land available. Finally, the ideal would be to raise their advice by giving them only and exclusively foods of biological origin.

Earnings, statistics, averages, and useful tips

Considering that a female bunny can give birth to about 30 bunnies and that each bunny can earn between 15 and 30 dollars. It is easy to estimate how much can be earned by raising bunnies. However, everything is linked to the space available and the money you intend to invest in starting the business.

In short, at this point, you have all the basic notions necessary to start a business without any kind of difficulty. Above all, in a very short time. Therefore, the next step is to investigate your specific needs, the actual demand in the target area, and the money you intend to invest in bunny breeding.