How dirty is the car you drive?

The UK is undoubtedly a motoring nation. But is it also a nation with clean cars? Recent data suggests that the answer is not very encouraging.

Food and beverage waste is the first thing to come to mind when thinking of what causes dirty cars. In a survey, it was found that 15% of people eat or drink in their cars every day. The Millennials eat on the go the most, with nearly half (46%) confessing to eating regularly behind the wheel.

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Most of us don’t clean our cars because we either forget to do it, are too lazy or just don’t have the money. Just over a third (35%) of drivers clean their cars inside and out every two months. However, 61% spend nothing a month cleaning their vehicles. Only 22% are willing to spend more than a tenner. For Cheltenham car valeting, visit

It’s important to remember that driving while eating can lead to legal trouble. Being distracted behind the wheel could result in a £100 fine or three to nine points against your license. Next time you feel the urge to grab a quick bite at a drive-thru, wait until you get home.


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What is the dirtiest part of your car?

Experiments have been conducted in order to find out where the dirtiest areas of our cars are. Researchers used a vehicle that was being used as a commuting car and for social reasons (and which was driven by a dog-owner) to collect 12 swabs.

The areas tested ranged from seatbelt clip to stereo buttons. The swabs, once taken, were placed in a petri dish and observed for five days. All areas tested were contaminated with bacteria and germs, but the five most dirty areas were as follows:

  1. Driver footwell
  2. Boot
  3. Cup Holder
  4. Front passenger footwell
  5. Passenger seat
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