How will emerging technologies address aviation maintenance issues?

The aviation industry sits at the heart of global connectivity and plays a key role in world commerce. The demands in aviation are complex, including maintaining high levels of passenger safety whilst ensuring optimal efficiency.

Let’s explore some of the most pressing issues with aviation maintenance and how emerging technologies could mitigate these challenges.

Ageing aircraft

Wear and tear can start to show on various components as aircraft age, including metal fatigue and corrosion. If ageing components are not managed correctly and replaced when needed, the safety of passengers can be severely compromised.

Advanced monitoring systems, which leverage sensors and data analysis, can be used to ensure components are monitored in real-time and issues are identified before they start to cause problems. This technology can be used in partnership with aviation parts suppliers to ensure the ongoing safety of aircraft over time.


Environmental and sustainability concerns across the aviation sector are increasing, which is being reflected in new regulations designed to minimise the industry’s impact on the environment.

Aerfin aviation parts are an example of used parts that can be repurposed safely to improve aircraft performance, reduce materials costs, and minimise waste. Additionally, life cycle assessment tools can be used to accurately evaluate the impact of materials throughout their lifetime and identify new ways to minimise damage to our natural world.

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Regulation compliance

Strict practices and standards govern the aviation industry and are always evolving to maintain optimal levels of reliability and safety across the sector. Regulations are set by national and international bodies, including the International Civil Aviation Organization. It can be challenging to keep up to date with the latest regulations while maintaining operational efficiency.

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Dedicated software could be used to ensure key decision-makers are aware of alterations to regulations, while advanced analytics data can contribute to a proactive approach to guaranteeing potential problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

The challenges facing aviation are multifaceted; however, new technologies are emerging to provide innovative solutions, which the sector is receptive to in order to maintain safety, reliability, and connectivity.

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