Older roofs are not as energy efficient

Older roofs are less energy-efficient than newer ones. In addition to having insufficient insulation that can lead to heat loss in winter, wear and tear on the roof over time may cause cracks and gaps. It can lead to warm air escaping, and cold air entering. Moreover, roofing materials and construction techniques older than 20 years may not include the most energy-saving technologies.

New roofs can reduce your energy bills

As long as the roofs are installed by an experienced roofing contractor, new roofs will be more energy efficient than older roofs. For a Roofing Company Gloucester, visit https://liamtaylorservices.co.uk/

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Insulation that is improved

New roofs are almost always better insulated than older roofs. This helps maintain a constant temperature inside and reduces your heating and cooling costs. This can result in significant savings. Modern and more efficient insulation materials, such as rigid or spray foam insulation, are used on new roofs. These insulation types offer improved thermal performance and reduce the heat transfer. When installing a new roof, roofers add thicker insulation layers to create a better barrier against heat loss.

Roof materials that are energy-efficient

Modern roofing materials are engineered with energy efficiency as a priority. In recent years, roofing technology has improved dramatically. This has led to materials with more energy-saving qualities. Reflective roofing materials are a good example, as they reflect sunlight and absorb much less heat. These materials can keep buildings cool in hot weather and reduce cooling costs. New roofing materials have insulation built in, which improves the roof’s thermal performance.

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Air sealing techniques

In order to minimise air leakage, modern roofing techniques use air sealing techniques. Sealing roof gaps and cracks helps to maintain a stable temperature indoors. It reduces energy costs and the need for heating and cooling. When building energy-efficient homes, it is important to seal the air properly.

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