Staycations With A Difference

When the Covid Pandemic started to quickly spread out from China into other Countries and make its way rapidly across the entire Globe, no-body could have predicted the amount of death and destruction this deadly disease would leave in its wake.  Holidays and Travel were severely restricted and most households were confined to their own gardens and local parks.  Isolation, Face Masks and Hand-Sanitiser all became part and parcel of everyday life.  Once the Scientists and Governments had formulated a vaccination programme that saw millions of individuals inoculated within months and people saw Positive case numbers fall dramatically, travel was quickly back on the agenda.  Staycations for people living in England became the most popular form of Holiday and exploring the Villages, Towns and Cities of Counties like Gloucestershire quickly became one of the most popular Staycations of them all.

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The demand for Camper Van Hire Gloucestershire grew exponentially and professional, experienced, reputable vehicle hire companies such as were inundated with requests for their range of traditional vehicles.  This type of unusual Staycation has remained just as popular even though the travel restrictions were lifted months ago!  The unique freedom of life on the open road in a traditional Campervan is for many individuals, couples and families the perfect opportunity to feel free of Covid once and for all!

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Visiting small villages such as Broadway, towns like Witney and Cities like Bath, staying as long as you like and experiencing the ultimate vacation dream.

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