Common electrical problems in factories

Electrical problems can cause manufacturers to stop working. Electrical faults that are severe can cause a fire, explosion or even death.

If you are a production or plant manager, it is not your responsibility to know how to repair electrical faults in your factory. Electricians will do that for you. For an Exeter Electrician, contact SL Electricals.

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  1. Open circuit issues

Open circuits are a very common type of fault in factory electrics. It occurs when there is not enough voltage to properly power a component, resulting in the circuits to shut down.

The good news is that, while these faults can be common, they are easy to identify and fix by an electrician. Often, the cause of this problem is an open coil or terminals that are loose. You can easily fix them. An Exeter Electrician can advise.

  1. Short circuit problems

It is more difficult to locate this issue of electrical failure. These electrical failures are more common if insulation surrounding a conductor degrades. Electrical currents are grounded or directed to the wrong conductor. This can cause a fuse to blow or trigger a circuit break.

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Electrical wiring is required in factories due to harsh conditions and high demand. This includes jacketing, fillers, and rigid insulation. The more insulation you have, the less likely it is to deteriorate. This reduces the chance of short-circuit issues.

You may also find wiring faults, although they are less common. This could be due to the age of the system or incorrect wiring (for instance, a faulty power cord or plug).

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