How can you prevent slipped roof tiles?

Slipped roof tiles are a common issue that can lead to significant damage to your house if not addressed quickly. Here we share our guide to prevent this problem so you can maintain the integrity of your roof and avoid any expensive repairs.

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Regular Roof Inspections

It is a good idea to schedule inspections of your roof at least twice a year, ideally in spring and then in autumn. Regular roof checks will help you spot early signs of damage. It is also important to inspect your roof after any severe weather conditions such as strong winds or snow.

Check for Loose or Damaged Tiles

During inspections, check for loose or damaged tiles. Look for cracks, gaps or any tiles that appear out of place. If you find and fix these issues early, it will prevent any further damage and tile slipping.

Clean your Roof Regularly

Hire a professional cleaner to regularly clean your roof to remove debris such as leaves and twigs. If you are looking for roof cleaning Tewkesbury, make sure you choose a company that uses a soft-bristle brush or a low-pressure washer so that the tiles aren’t damaged. Professionals who offer roof cleaning Tewkesbury will be able to identify issues and solutions not visible to the untrained eye.

Remove any Moss

Moss can retain moisture, leading to slipped tiles, damp and structural issues. Companies offering roof cleaning Tewkesbury can help ensure your roof remains in the best condition. Professional services use specialised equipment and techniques to thoroughly clean your roof of moss and algae without causing damage.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Trim any branches that are close to your roof to prevent them from rubbing against the tiles or causing damage during storms.

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In conclusion, preventing slipped roof tiles requires regular inspections, proper installation and consistent maintenance. By taking these easy, proactive steps, you can ensure your roof lasts a long time and avoid any expensive repairs. Regular attention and care will help keep your roof in excellent condition and prevent the inconvenience caused by slipped tiles.

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