What does your skin do?

Understanding how your skin supports your overall health is essential for a complete skin care regimen.

We all want to have skin that is smooth, glowing, tight and wrinkle-free, but the skin has many other functions.

Even the state of your own skin can alert you to an underlying problem. Let’s first talk about what the skin does.

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Your skin protects you from external elements

Your skin protects you from harmful bacteria and external forces. The skin’s barrier function protects your body from external agents such as infections, toxins and other external aggressors.

The skin of the human body is an amazing organ. It acts as a barrier against external threats. It acts as a protective barrier to protect the body against harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins.

It is an important part of the immune system that protects you against potential diseases and infections. The importance of this shield in protecting your health can’t be understated. To maintain your skin’s protective function, it is important to care for it properly. For a Skin Clinic Exeter, visit https://www.helenhuntaesthetics

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Your skin regulates your body temperature

Skin is crucial in maintaining a constant body temperature. Perspiration and changes in blood flow are two ways it achieves this. When the body overheats, sweat glands are activated to produce sweat. This helps cool down the body. When the environment outside is cold, blood vessels constrict in the skin, helping to conserve heat.

Vitamin D synthesis is facilitated by your skin

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for your immune system and bones. It’s produced by the skin. Vitamin D is essential for many physiological functions of your body. This process is very important and highlights the importance of sun exposure to maintain optimal health.

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