Six common kitchen lighting mistakes

Regardless of the season, the kitchen is one room in the house that is likely to be busy. Adapting your kitchen to different seasonal light patterns to maintain a pleasant ambience in any month can be tricky, but there are six things to avoid.

1. The wrong bulbs

Regardless of where your lightbulbs are – whether under cupboard units to light worktops, in ceiling lights, or in lamps – the ‘temperature’ of the light colour is very important. For almost all kitchens, you should make sure the light bulb gives ‘warm’ light, which has a slightly yellow tinge. If you are undergoing a kitchen refurbishment, try experimenting with light bulbs to see the effect this can have on your home!

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  1. Not being energy efficientNot only do eco light bulbs reduce your bills but also they reduce your home’s carbon footprint. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that changing the lightbulbs in your home to energy-efficient ones could save 35 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

    In addition to changing the lightbulbs, when you redecorate your kitchen, you could consider a refurbishment from a company such as This can totally change your space at a fraction of the cost to the environment of a new kitchen.

    3. Blocking natural light

    It is important to make sure you are not inadvertently blocking light from coming in. Common offenders include kitchen items or cereal boxes on top of kitchen units under skylights and items blocking window sills. It is also important to consider surface colour when trying to make a space lighter.

    4. Too dark surfaces

    Painting kitchen units in dark colours can suck light in and make a space seem darker. Try a lighter colour to refract daylight into your space.

  2. Not enough lightIt may seem simple, but many kitchens lack the lighting appliances of other rooms in the house. Try adding lamps to corners.

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  1. Not having a dimmer switchDimmer switches can change a room’s atmosphere in an instant, especially if you also use your kitchen as a dining space.
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