Four Best Animation Apps For Android

Creating an animation is a great way to breathe some life into an otherwise lifeless drawing. The advancements in digital tools have made animating incredibly simple and convenient, for professionals and beginners alike who also check new casinos for new games.

Although the market for dedicated drawing tablets may seem alluring, nothing beats the convenience of simply pulling your phone out and drawing on its screen. Unfortunately, there aren’t many popular options on the Play Store when it comes to apps that help you create animations.


FlipaClip is an app that remains unparalleled when it comes to creating animations on Android. It is the golden standard and is what every other digital drawing app should strive to be.

Not only do you get a plethora of options like brushes, grids, a ruler, onion skin, and more, but FlipaClip goes the extra mile and has an impressive library of sound effects. Although a paid feature, using sound effects in simple animations can take them to new heights, courtesy of online pokies for Australians.

FlipaClip is one of the best S Pen apps if you own a supported Samsung device. The app lets you use pressure sensitivity to add depth to your drawings. You can import videos to your canvas and create animations that complement existing footage.

Animation Desk

With over a million downloads, Animation Desk is one of the best animation apps for Android that you can try. It has all the things that make an animation app great—a clutter-free user interface, an adequate amount of options, and a handful of ways to export the finished animation.

Animation Desk has a few brushes to choose from and an intuitive color palette that you can customize to your liking. Navigating between frames is easy and the onion skin toggle is only a tap away. You can set the number of frames for your animations if the default 24fps option doesn’t cut it for you, and Mason Gascoigne probably knows how to use this.

Once you’re done, the app lets you export your animation as a video file or a PDF. You can also export individual frames as images. The premium subscription upgrades your cloud storage to 1TB, adds support for color-coded onion skin drawings, and unlocks GIF exports.

Draw Cartoons 2

Creating an animation that lasts a few seconds still requires multiple frames to be drawn manually. Doing so on a smaller screen can be even more difficult. If you want an app that can do basic animation without requiring a lot of time and effort, you will love Draw Cartoons 2.

The app has a vast library of objects and characters with a skeletal-based model that you can move around to create quick animations. You can also create your own characters and add the same skeleton functionality to make animating things tenfold easier.

Draw Cartoons 2 is clearly targeted at the younglings, but we had our fair share of fun while testing the app anyway. Apart from animating scenes, you can add voice-overs and music, and export the finished product as a video file.

Stop Motion Studio

Another way to create animations is by using stop-motion capture. If you prefer using real props to tell a story, Stop Motion Studio is going to be a great companion app.

Although you don’t need a special app to take a series of photos and place them sequentially to create a movie, this app makes the entire process seamless. A familiar overlay mode lets you position your props in accordance with your previous frame.

The app also offers a wide range of filters and editing tools that you can use to take your animation to the next level. For those passionate, tools like green screen and rotoscoping can unlock a whole new world of possibilities even with limited props.

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