The Art of Delegating

Did you know that 90% of business owners are afraid to delegate activities to their employees? Without realizing this is being brake for growth.

When a business is born it is common that you as an entrepreneur do everything; you are the manager generating projects, you go to look for customers, pay, and sometimes charges are also lowering the curtain. These causes stop growing and therefore these GENERATE leaving a lot of money by doing things of little value to you. The solution for this: learn to delegate.

Art of Delegating
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There are 3 main reasons why you should start delegating activities of your employees and quit all your:

1) Turn your company into a professional business: Wanting to do everything will be limited to providing the best service to your customers and your business will never be taken into account as “Professional”. The aim is to create a system that can start soon open more branches or not that business franchise.

2) Financial Freedom: The real purpose of a business is to work perfectly without you as a business owner. The problem is that 95% of the owners like to play “Lone Ranger” and live enslaved to their company and thus never achieve enjoy the great benefits of being entrepreneurs.

3) Ask for help from an expert: Detect failures of a company is no easy task; you need humility to recognize that you’re not doing well. Before delegate you have to learn how to avoid, because if you do not do well, the delegate in bad shape you may find it counterproductive. An excellent choice is a Business Coach who ensures you how to generate these strategies to help you   become a true entrepreneur, able to delegate activities generate the best team and take your business to the next level.

When you have to do everything yourself, even if you have a million customers are not going to be able to serve, there is a person who knows everything, but when it comes to your business sometimes you become a little stubborn. First mistake, because there is a point where you can not physically.

It is important to remember that teams are critical to the development and progress of a company because the group activities or tasks are more successful than individual efforts. Once you learn to delegate there are factors that you must take care to the maximum…

Earn more in less time

The productivity of a company does not depend on how much time is spent, but the efficiency of employees. If so, automatically the time spent will be less. It is important to use the human capital to stand out and excel in the market, giving specific tasks to specialists and experts on the subject.

Increase talent

Employees should bring out the best in the professional field. Expose your talent and effort to comply with what is asked and more, seeking solutions and new ideas.

A long-term and continuous task delegated, people begin to strengthened and developed in various aspects, both individually and as the team itself.

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Maintain energy

If employees have many daily tasks, energy begins to decrease gradually and performance is poor. However, if when focusing only work no extra energy concerns it aims to accomplish the work, keeping a good book.


By relying on the talents of an employee is showing that expects the best results and satisfaction. This, for the involved is highly motivated to meet the established goals.

At the same time, it is given power, authority, autonomy and accountability, so their self-esteem is constantly increasing.

Not to distraction

It is considered one of the greatest barriers to progress and efficiency, especially when the task is unknown by the employee. It is better to delegate the task to those who really know, and pursue work on the issues dominating.


Have a specific job requires more responsibility to fulfill and achieve good results, so it is important that the employee committed to their duties. If performance has brought positive benefits to the company and are recognized by the bosses, the worker will have greater sense of commitment.

Stress Reduction

If the company meets its short – term objectives and are on the right track for the long term, will automatically generate satisfaction in the team. Which reduces stress and increases happiness, energy and creativity.

Business Owner In summary, wanting to do everything in your business you will take only two ways: that your business never grows and ultimately finishes endothermic so much stress and responsibility that this generates you. Strong starts implementing this strategy delegate and get your business reach another level.

Author: Chowdhury Shahid Uz Zaman
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