Accelerate million in your business with social networks

social networks

Our great challenge is to increase the number of businesses that generate profits million per year, for which we will be sharing strategies and ways to achieve it.

In order to have a million dollar company, you need a mindset and training of “Millionaire Entrepreneur”, establishing concrete mechanisms to achieve predictable results.

social networks
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In this article, we will share four key steps to accelerate the presence in social networks:

1) Do you know your market? If I know you market, most likely you achieve millions, if you do not know, most likely will not know how to communicate with whatever social network you choose? The million dollar businesses know their target market before entering the social networks, know who your target audience knows which networks spend more time, what time are connected, and they know how these networks stand in the space they devote to other means and defining a strategy tailored to this information.

2) Reach conversion, When choosing a social network should know if your target market is there, and especially if all your effort of e-marketing in the end it will be reflected in a conversion to sales, if not all you’re doing is feed followers and likes that ultimately will not increase your sales, If you can increase your audience by 10% on a weekly basis, and converting 5% of your focus will be a million.

3) Segmenting your market is simple, if you are not segmenting your market, you are not taking an approach millionaire business, segmenting your you increase market your capacity for analysis and decision-making, and that you really enforcers on your target market and stop lose resources in an audience that will never make a purchase, you know the demographics of your market? Their gender, their affinities? You expect to exploit this information.

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4) What you communicate to your audience? You use new material and focused on your market, or recycle the same material you use in other media?, remember that each medium is different as each market, and replicate your strategies you away from being a million dollar company, so that to have a successful communication, you must always keep in mind these 5 basic rules:

  • Listen to your audience
  • Actively involved in communication
  • Accept feedback and take it as part of the learning process.
  • Help your audience, clarifies doubts, support, teach
  • Constantly Upgrade

All this requires guidance to make it more efficient with the help of a coach. Are you ready to implement this in your business?

With discipline and with the support of a coach you can achieve a million dollar company between one and maximum 4 years. Otherwise it can take 20 years to do so.