The Essential Components Of A Good Online Store

In the new digital world, online retail stores are becoming more prominent. People are finding that shopping at home and waiting a day or two for their products to arrive is preferable to fighting traffic and having a limited selection. If you want to cash in on the online retail industry, then you need a good website. As part of that good website, there are features you need to attract and retain the traffic that will generate revenue.

Shopping Cart

One of the most prominent elements of your online retail website is your shopping cart. When you put your website together, you need to choose the latest shopping cart ecommerce software that has all of the updated security and transaction features. Online shopping carts are constantly evolving, and you need to make sure that you get the right software for your online store.

Security Certificate

When consumers visit your online retail store, they will be checking your website URL to make sure your site is secure. A normal website begins with the “http://” address, but a secure site begins with “https://.” If you do not have that “s” at the start of your website address, you will not get the kind of traffic you are hoping for. You get that “s” by investing the best possible online security certificate your web host offers. This may cost a few more dollars than you want to pay, but it will pay for itself in increased consumer traffic.

Product Videos

The successful online retail stores are investing the necessary time and money into creating videos for their products. If you carry products from other manufacturers, then ask those manufacturers for videos you can add to your website. A product video not only shows potential consumers what the product can do, it also heightens the feeling of need the consumer has for the product.

Customer Service Online

In the early days of online retail, it was a common practice to put a phone number on the website where customers could call for issues such as product returns or tracking deliveries. But more and more online retail stores are putting these features online to save customers time. Instead of trying to get customers to call a toll free number for customer service, you should create a customer service section of your website where consumers can return damaged products, track orders, and review their account information.

Customer Feedback

Until recently, most retail websites offered very few options for customers to give their opinions on the company’s products or level of service. But as marketing professionals learn how to properly use customer feedback, it is becoming an essential part of every retail website. You should set up customer surveys on various aspects of your business that can be filled out during the purchase process, or immediately after a purchase has been made. Your surveys should allow customers to opt-in on receiving marketing emails, which will allow you to send out surveys periodically to get input on your company’s service after the sale.

The world seems to prefer shopping online, and there is plenty of room on the Internet for retailers who want to go digital. If you do decide to pursue an online retail website, you should remember to include the key elements your site will need to attract consumers.

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