4 Hacks to Develop Intriguing Blog Posts

Did you know that over 175,000 new blog posts are published every single day? Most likely, that figure instantly got you wondering about your odds of attracting readers to your blog, right? The natural solution to gain the attention of readers is to make your posts stand out of the heaps of content created daily in order to keep them coming back for more.

Writing compelling blogs is a choice rather than just having the ability to play with words. You can choose to write uninteresting, bland content lacking any thought and research in large quantities and drive away readers. Or you can take the long path and put in the time and effort required for crafting high-quality, interesting content, and build a large reader base. For writing a great blog post that makes people want to comment and share on their social profiles, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and go further than the essentials.

With this content creation and blog posting guide, you will know the secrets of great writers who attract their readers with the headline and keep them hooked throughout the blog.

1.   Headlines are a Make-or-Break

Because headlines are the first thing people see, it is absolutely important for it to be enticing enough to make them want to click and find out what the blog says. Be sure to spend some time and think over your choice of words that not only gives a hint of your blog post content, but also builds up curiosity and sparks interest.

2.   Your Choice of Words Should be Simple, Yet Precise

If you are a blogger who thinks using labyrinthine words will make their content better, you are completely wrong. Undoubtedly, one of the things that readers hate the most is jargons and difficult words. Not only they affect the readability of your blog post, but also puts off readers and make the content seem stiff and boring. Instead of being a donnish, be smart and use the language that even a layman can easily understand.

3.   Readers Love Analogies

Think of writing a blog like scoring a first-time contract from a tough client. It is not only important to make a great impression on your first meeting, but also to do it again and again in the following meetings to show your client you have the dedication, passion, and consistency, in order to win their confidence.

Hope you got the idea.

4.   Use Short, Choppy Sentences

Avoid using long sentences simply because they make your content confusing and difficult to understand. Try to write short, choppy sentences. Think of it like this: if you run a kilometer or two without taking a break, you are likely to get exhausted and out of breath, unless you are Usain Bolt.  Similarly, reading a long sentence is like forcing your brain to keep on running – it will make you mentally exhausted. But with short sentences, your brain is able to take breaks, making it easy to understand the content and keep you interested.