7 Tips To Increase Online Sales


Sellers brings 10 years ago brings not understand even know what is being done today, much less push and much more pull, is really a sale. The commercial world is changing fast, and we want to help you understand how it will evolve in the future.

According to the State Of Inbound of 2017, the great questionnaire, which collected responses from thousands of companies around the world sponsored by HubSpot, as the inbound marketing, has marked the end of traditional marketing techniques, inbound sales turn sellers by aggressive screamers precious consultants. Here are the 7 tips to keep pace with changes in the world of sales according to data collected from the survey.

1. Invest in sales on social

42% of the companies that took part in the research, said to communicate with potential customers on social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn and 50% of them said that LinkedIn is a great sales tool. It is obvious that social networks (also not forget the importance of WhatsApp!) Will be key, you are already using them?

2. Control the sales process

How to buy user is changing a lot and in a very rapid manner. The methods to get in touch with them is always changing in part because of changes in the availability of information. This requires not only checking that the old sales process is still relevant, but in 99% of companies will mean a profound revolution in terms of business organization as far as the pre-sales.

3. Cold Calls

Here, too, will not be enough small changes and adjustments to the old call script. With the inbound marketing leads are managed in a completely different way than in the past and the vendors it can only benefit, because the contacts that are created must be profiled and qualified (otherwise you cannot call that “inbound”). Only the really hot enough to target and must be called, the others should be fed with email and workflow until they are not hot enough to be put in contact with the sales. You will see that in this way the number of calls that is successful will be much higher!

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4. Alignment marketing and sales

Marketing and sales need to work more than ever. The aim is to create warm leads, so much warm and hot as when taken over by the commercial kneel at customer feet and ask to buy a product. In order to reach a goal like that you have to have a highly specialized marketing team that knows how to use all the tools to make any visitor to the site a true fan of the services the company seeks to purchase a product because conscious of the benefits that could give itself.

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5. Find where are your potential customers

Social networks, email, industry blogs, YouTube, and so on and so forth! Although the favorite so far has been the email channel, many said they were satisfied with the sales success with WhatsApp. Your customers are unique, however, are not equal to everyone else, so try to figure out what they like, where they spend their time and what their preferences. It then uses this information to your advantage!

6. Adopt CRM and additions

All companies have a CRM, but few have one that complements the activities of marketing and sales team. However, without systems that combine the work of the two teams (which necessarily must work together, because the closures of all customers depends on both) their alignment is impossible. You should have a software like HubSpot that can follow a complete history of each contact.

7. Form a whole team

With all the changes we have talked about, we must also make sure that the sellers keep pace and know how to use all the tools they need (social networks, personalized email, workflow and email sequences).