8 Tips To Make The Most Of Abandoned Carts

Abandoned Carts

Despite the fact that “abandoned trolleys” is an inevitable phenomenon, there are some small steps to be taken to try to stem the “leaks”. One of these is the “abandoned trolley” reminder e-mail.

Every abandoned cart of our e-commerce is like a stab at the heart of our business and if we add to the value of all the trolleys abandoned every year on our e-Commerce, we will probably realize that we can no longer waste any more time and it is now comes the time to act to try to stem the phenomenon.

We start from the premise that our customer has spent time on the site, picked the items that tasted his imagination or his needs at that precise moment but that, for one reason or another, inexplicably left the ship right on more beautiful. It’s a pity, right?

Unfortunately, the problem of “abandoned carts” is symptomatic of the way users navigate online and make purchases. According to the Baymard Institute, the online shopping cart has a documented abandonment rate of 68%. But it’s not all as bad as it looks! The good news is that you can do a lot to recover some lost sales. How do you say so? Thanks to the “abandoned trolley” e-mail. According to many web marketing experts implement this strategy leads to obtaining really interesting results.

Before you see in detail the 8 tips to apply to your strategic e-mail of “abandoned carts”, here are some interesting statistics …

  • Nearly half (44.1%) of all abandoned trolley e-mails are opened
  • Almost a third (29.9%) of clicks lead to a retrieved purchase
  • The Average Order Value (AOV) applies to say the “average value of orders” recovered, is higher than 14.2% compared to other typical purchases
Abandoned Carts
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Great news to continue reading this post I would say! We therefore come to the tips to optimize your anti-abandon strategy.

1) Be timely … it’s essential

Many research shows that timing is crucial when it comes to successfully recovering lost sales due to the abandonment of the cart. A SalesCycle search made on 200 world brands shows that …

  • E-mails sent within 20 minutes make an average conversion rate of 5.2%
  • E-mails sent over an hour make an average conversion rate of 4.5%
  • E-mails shipped after more than 24 hours of abandonment have an average conversion rate of 2.6%

2) Have a good editorial line

To help your e-mail get the hoped out results, keep in mind some of the following “tactics” …

  • Make sure your brand is immediately identifiable before the mail is opened
  • You immediately notice the intention of mail in the object
  • Try to personalize the object as much as possible by using the recipient’s name and the name of the product itself
  • Create a sense of “urgency”
  • Try to be original
  • Try to appeal to their enthusiasm

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3) Report site navigation

When sending an “abandoned trolley” e-mail, the main goal is to bring the person back to their trash and credit card to make sure that they complete the purchase.

What if the person abandoned simply because he changed his mind and did not want to buy that particular item anymore? Incorporating the normal browsing of your website in our e-mail may also happen to encourage you to come back to our site looking for something else.

4) Remember what they left

You are trying to be as accurate as possible. The recipient of our e-mail might have visited dozens of other sites in search of the ideal product and then added articles to the shopping cart at every visit. Returning to the mail the image of the product they added to the cart is a must! It is no surprise that people often react better to images rather than to plain text. So let’s give as much details as possible, including the price, color and size or size of the item they have selected.

Abandoned Carts
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5) Force your hand

The recipient of your e-mail will certainly have spent the time searching for the item and will certainly have appreciated it so much that it will be put on the cart. Well then, we could also skip the hand and warn him that his carriage will expire soon or that the items in the car will not be available for a long time. All without appearing too intrusive or aggressive.

6) Invite people to action

As already mentioned, in the case of abandoned trolley e-mail, there is only one action that we really do. Let’s make sure that the CTA is clearly visible and can be clicked without delay and if there are other possible actions including:

  • Get me back to my doorstep
  • Complete the order
  • Continue with your purchases

7) Propose related items

If for some reason the person who left the car did so because all in all he did not care so much, perhaps suggesting an alternative with images of other similar or similar products can be a great way to get the expected return.

8) Include customer reviews

The comfort of other buyers is proven to have a significant impact on online purchase decisions. Many sites report directly on the product pages entice the buyer further and conclude the transaction. View the same in the email? It could be the extra push that the recipient needed.