A Well Motivated Employee Is a Productive Employee

Apart from promoting health and well-being throughout your workforce, the benefits of an employee who feels valued and is well-motivated flow right through to their productivity, and in turn, your overall profit margin. While it can seem easy for some leaders to keep their staff motivated and feeling valued, if you are struggling or are looking for additional ways, continue reading.

Leadership Team – Light Their Path

When attempting to keep leaders throughout your workforce feeling valued and motivated, the best idea is to ensure they are aware of their progression. Similar to yourself, once a staff member becomes a leader, their hunger for advancement only grows, and without a clear progression path they can begin to lose their motivation or look for alternate employment options. If you are noticing that your leadership team are lacking in motivation, take the time to sit with them and discuss where they want to go within the company. During this discussion, speak about ways and means for them to arrive at their ideal destination, including any work-based programs in which they can enrol to help bolster their skills. If a leader is clear and optimistic about rising through the corporate ranks, they will feel much more motivated to raise their performance, and in turn, your production.

A Well Motivated Employee Is a Productive Employee

Main Workforce

When it comes to your main workforce, the same advice doesn’t always apply. While there are sure to be a few members who are looking for advancement, you are likely to find that most of your staff are content in where they are and would enjoy nothing more than to continue working with you until they retire. In order to boost their satisfaction in the role, traditional methods can be your best approach.

Provide achievable, yet extensive goals for each employee or team to reach with a clear reward. For front line and production staff, simple benefits such as a few extra days off during a holiday season or even a small financial bonus can be the best way to help with motivation.  If you feel your staff would prefer something more tangible however you aren’t looking to spend a lot of your rewards and recognition budget, the Groupon Coupons page for Ashford has some great ways to give your staff gifts without overspending. Whichever option you choose, when it comes to your front line and production staff, it pays to make your rewards visible, When other employees can see the benefits their colleagues are receiving, they are much more likely to become self-motivated and increase their productivity.

These are two great ways to help keep your staff motivated and feeling valued, however, it doesn’t have to stop there. For an added bonus, take whatever funds are left from your rewards and recognition budget and add it to the staff end of year celebration for everybody to enjoy.