Are you sitting comfortably?

Don’t overlook seating when designing or planning a new office fit out. You might think that there isn’t much to think about when choosing office chairs. Maybe the colour and whether the armrest fits underneath the desk, for example. For furniture that workers will spend several hours on every day, it is important to get the right seat. There are various types of chairs and if you are not sure, let’s see what the differences are.

For chairs in a relaxed position, you might want a conference chair. During meetings, people will sit down and want to think and talk, not feel anxious and the conference chair is designed for the most comfortable sitting position. They are not too mobile however and cannot be adjusted.

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Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to be friendly to your back, neck and shoulders. They are good for sitting for long periods and those who suffer from back pain will appreciate that the chairs come with armrests, headrests, and height that can be adjusted to find the perfect posture position for workers.

The executive seat can rotate in any direction with wheels and has a high back. They are thicker and are generally made of leather, often being a little more expensive than standard office chairs. Make sure your chairs flow well with the plan of the office layout you have in mind. For Office Fit out Companies, visit

The mesh chair is not as soft as other office chairs and has only a netting on the back rest. They have soft seats and are ideal for people who are prone to suffering from overheating because the mesh allows the back to breathe. Many people will love the ventilation provided by this chair style.

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Guest chairs are generally immovable, inflexible and non-adjustable. They don’t have to be overly comfortable or anything too special, as they are normally found as seating in waiting areas or in reception, for example.

Task Chairs are the most common chairs found in offices. With a basic design, wheels for mobility and a rotary function, everything in this range is comfortable and affordable. Also called an operator style chair because it is designed for typing work and its ergonomic design supports erect postures for those who work at the computer all day long.

As you can see there are quite a lot of choices available and the most important thing to decide is which chair style best fits your work style and office environment. Correct posture is the key to good office work and productivity, so you’ll want to choose chairs that support you in this regard.