Building your own dream home

If you’re struggling to find the home that you want it might be worth considering building one. You may have some speaclaitls features that you want to add, similar to something that you might have seen on Grand Designs. You’ll also need a Building Contractor Gloucester  way, or wherever you are,  to get the property up.

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First of all you’ll need land to build on. This can be expensive. It will also need to have access to water, electricity and gas (should you want to use this). Some out of the way properties use oil burners or eco wood burners instead. You may be able to build on a site, cited for demolition. Many old Council house sites have been levelled and have large gardens. These sites already have access to the necessary pipe network so they may be a cheaper option.

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You will need planning permission and the work of an architect to design the place to your specifications. If you don’t have the budget for it out right then some specialist mortgage lenders can be used. They work on the basis of releasing the money in stages and valuing the property as it is built to make sure that the lending is concurrent with the overall value. As with a normal mortgage they will have lending limits and these may not be up to 90%.

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