Business: 3 key tips for your first year


Successful entrepreneurs are not born, it becomes. The first year of activity is very delicate and it is vital for new entrepreneurs starting aware of the possible difficulties that we encounter

Start your own business and open a business is perhaps the most complex operation that can take place in the course of an entire career, because the development of a StartUp not only require great will and indisputable determination, also requires a spirit of sacrifice for all negligible.

Here, then, three important factors to be considered in the initial phase of their entrepreneurial venture: a series of real life lessons that will allow those who want to opt for independence professional to achieve good results in a more simple and immediate.

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#1- Always Record all income and expenses

Start your own means, among other things, having to prove the wisdom to know how to manage cash flows in the appropriate manner, avoiding oversights of any kind: to earn as much as possible and spend sparingly recording more and all entrances and exits, so as to be at any time with an accurate picture of the economic situation in the company.

If you do not feel particularly brought to the bureaucratic and monetary issues, it is certainly appropriate to hire an accountant or contact an accountant to regularize the financial performance of the young company.

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#2- Try your best to get to know your customers well

When you are to open a business, the first secret to assure success and prosperity in the years ahead is to do everything possible to get to know the limits of their customers by talking to them and trying to figure out how to act to improve the continuous service.

The fact of asking the public what to expect, to learn about the preferences of contacts with whom you most often deal and getting even to ask for practical advice to improve the service provided, helps to get sincere opinions that if listened to, can strengthen the foundation of the company, making it more stable, efficient and handsome.

#3- Accepted having to take time to privacy

Since, in most cases, the start of a StartUp imposes long weeks and endless months marked by tight rhythms to work every day for countless hours, those who want a successful career cannot do anything but accept the fact having to take time to privacy.

Family dinners, outings with friends, evenings by relatives: when it comes to new entrepreneurs, any kind of personal entertainment is re-sized and placed in the queue to professional commitments, allowing the mind, body and soul to focus fully on starting and on the development of the newly formed business.

These are our three teachings directed to those who choose to go it alone: true-life lessons to be taken into account every day, especially in the beginning of an entrepreneurial career.