Business productivity efficiency: 10 critical points from which to start to improve productivity

Business productivity

Are you looking for effective activities that will help you increase your productivity and business efficiency ? Providing you with solutions that can make you better by saving time and money?

With our 10 valued tips below is said to be done!

#1 – Limits e-mail abuse in favor of verbal communication

Write, read, reread, correct and answer: Long and sluggish maneuvers that can be maximized with the simple verbal communication. Whether it is internal-external collaborators, rather than vendors and customers, the fastest solution to answering a question, asking a question or solving a problem, is always to talk about it personally, by phone, via video call, etc. In addition to saving you time, oral dialogue also helps keep your relationships with each other alive and deal with more freedom.

#2 – Take advantage of the benefits provided by home banking services

How many times do you have to check and re-check in a bank a customer’s wire transfer? How many times do you lose precious hours when you head to the door personally and call the branch manager to make sure you have received the sum of money? Operations can be eliminated completely by exploiting the benefits provided by the internet banking services that, by now, are in effect free, fast, reliable and easy to use systems to achieve greater business efficiency.

Business productivity
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#3 – Intensifies your online presence

Having a website that is not positioned on the search engines and can only be found by typing the correct URL online can serve the people you’re already in contact with, but it certainly does not allow you to find yourself out of the strangers. To resolve this problem, you should contact a SEO agency (Search Engine Optimization), which can make your platform visible by placing it in your keywords. Commercialize and repair air conditioners? Then you’ll have to be online with a set of specific keywords that can perfectly describe your services. In this way, you will no longer be wasting your time looking for potential customers, but will be your direct contact to contact you spontaneously.

#4 – Use a management software for process automation

If, instead of hiring two or three people for billing and accounting, you do automate processes with management software, as well as limit your hiring and make mistakes, even put your employees in the right position Dedicate to others by maximizing the yield.

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#5 – Discard all unmanageable contracts to increase production efficiency

You know those customers who always weld late and make you lose many hours behind calls, emails and meetings during which they invent excuses on excuses for payment delays? When situations become unmanageable you have to break the reports before they make you waste even more time and money. Although it is difficult to send cancellations of contracts because it seems self-depriving of money in the future could possibly get, in reality, without having to handle this kind of problem, you have much time to look for new contacts able to guarantee Of timely revenue.

#6 – Delegate employees and directly occupy only the indispensable issues

Are you used to knowing and managing everything in the business? Learn to understand that some assignments can also be carried out by other capable staff, if properly trained, to administer them equally well. By doing so, besides not having to crawl personally behind every single nonsense, you can also shift your focus to strategic decisions that will allow you to better develop your business.

Business productivity
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#7 – Use a CRM to sell more and less effort

This particular tool, already widespread in large companies, is beginning to take root even in less structured realities because it allows for the utmost immediacy to have a clear, accurate and correct view of the situation concerning individual contracts: in fact, instead of fossilizing Only on the idea of ​​increasing earnings for other customers, you can propose some additional service to existing ones that for some time do not buy anything, avoiding the stressful search for new contacts and bringing them back to the old to further their loyalty.

#8 – Choose a fast internet connection

Less time to load web pages during the day, first finish the assignments and more jobs you have the chance to play. Are you used to a 2 Mb connection per second? Opting in favor of an 8 Mb you can save several hours to handle in any way.

#9 – Learn to Say No!

If you receive tens and dozens of requests every day, you just have to learn to meet only those really important and profitable, avoiding making you available for secondary issues that do not take you or you lose too much time. Each morning, therefore, prepare a stack of things to do and blows it up to make it fully manageable by eliminating everything that seems superfluous-marginal.

#10 – Reduce the minimum terms of meetings and meetings

How many hours lose each day to reach suppliers and customers? Too much, then, if you want to limit the waste of time, learn (whenever possible) to replace meetings with video calls and phone calls: in some cases you will not be able to get away from meetings, but you will see that with a good organization you can manage Better a lot of assignments even if you do not face face to face with the referent person.

These are our 10 precious tips to improve productivity during work hours: effective tips that will help you reduce costs and time with extreme simplicity!

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