Common Accidents That Can Happen in the Office

Overexertion is one of the most common types of workplace accidents. It happens when people are lifting objects incorrectly. This type of injury is very serious and costs businesses millions of pounds in sickness days every year. The prevention of such injuries can be as simple as providing employees with ergonomic furniture and proper training. Other common workplace accidents can occur due to trip hazards or spillages. This article will explore how to avoid these and other common office accidents.

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Disorganised spaces and wet floors are common causes of workplace injuries. Heavy objects falling from high places can cause tripping hazards and blunt-force trauma. Besides cuts and bruises, these accidents can lead to internal organ injuries. Proper training and equipment can help prevent these types of workplace injuries. Ensure that all employees use appropriate protective equipment for their jobs and follow the right procedures to prevent them. Find out about the benefits of First Aid at Work training by visiting

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Falls and tripping hazards are common accidents in the workplace. These can be caused by disorganised environments and wet floors. They can also cause fractures and chronic neck, back, and spine problems. While some of these accidents can be prevented with the introduction of appropriate equipment, others require the use of safety precautions. Ultimately, everyone’s safety is a priority. A workplace accident is never a pleasant experience for anyone involved.


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