Items that may need security seals in store

Selling items in a store can be stressful. Particularly if you sell high-risk items. These are products that are at risk of being stolen by shoplifters. There are ways that you can help with the security of these items and they can include using a Security Seal, like the ones from as well as using CCTV and security staff if the size of your store warrants the need for this. Here are some of the items that you might need to consider having extra security for.

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Jewellery – in many cases high end jewellery will be locked away in glass cabinets as it is much more effective to secure jewellery this way. However, in some cases for odd items, it may be that a security seal placed on the items itself is the best option.

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Alcohol – spirits and wine are high-risk items and they tend to have security seals placed over the bottlenecks. This helps to act as a deterrent to anyone who is considering stealing these items from stores. You can also have empty bottles placed on the shelves and the actual bottles placed in the stock room. This way a customer can bring the empty bottle to the till and a staff member can locate the retail bottle for them.

Electronic Goods – again these can be high-risk items for many stores and so it is important to secure them in whatever way you can. Sometimes this can be docking them to the shelving or using specialist security locks designed for electronic goods.