How you can protect shift workers

Working shifts is not to the liking of everyone, but there are some individuals who prefer to work nights or alternating shifts. When it comes to these workers you might want to think about additional ways in which you can ensure their health and wellbeing whilst at work. Here are some ideas for you to have a look through.

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Security – when you have staff working nights you will need to ensure that they feel safe working whilst it is dark. Having either security staff on-site or using a CCTV Gloucester company like to install cameras on your site and in the building can be a great way to achieve this.

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Refreshments – if you have a cafeteria that operates during the day for your staff you should think about how your shift workers can access the same types of refreshments. This might not be running a full cafe for them, but could be a hot food and drinks kiosk that opens specially for them.

Management – as well as having staff members working nights and alternating shifts, you will need to ensure that you have line managers and members of the leadership team available, should there be any issues that the workers need support with during these non-standard working hours.

It is important to make sure that any shift workers you have, are not disadvantaged in any way when compared to their standard shift counterparts.