The Growing Importance of Mobile Marketing

The growing importance of mobile marketing is evident in more people spending time online. According to research, 91% of Brits own a smartphone. Intelligence identified 5.1 billion active mobile subscribers around the world, accounting for 67% of the population. This means that businesses can leverage the power of mobile to engage consumers in a way that is seamless and relevant to their needs.

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As a result, marketers need to take advantage of this growing market. With the popularity of mobile devices and the accessible cost of a mobile phone, mobile marketing is becoming more important than ever. Moreover, many consumers have access to more than one device, so the reach of a mobile marketing campaign is much larger. For advice from Vodafone Carrick-on-Shannon, go to a site like King Communication

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A mobile device is the primary device that most consumers use when shopping online. That is why brands have increased their spending on mobile marketing. In 2016, brands spent more than double their money on digital ads. The growth in mobile users is only expected to increase. The growing importance of this medium is essential to the success of your business. Personalised ads and content are more effective than ever and it can even enhance your email marketing efforts. You can improve your mobile marketing strategy by incorporating gamification. By creating games and other challenges that encourage consumers to engage with your website, you can convert more visitors into prospective customers.

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