Examples of Road Construction Machinery

As motorists, we often feel frustration at roadworks, road laying and the associated tailbacks but as motorists, this construction is a necessary task. Road construction machinery comes in many different forms and functions. These machines can break down asphalt or dividers, clear trees, and load debris into dump trucks. Road construction machinery is also used for a wide range of other tasks. Here are a few examples of road construction equipment.

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Motor graders are an example of road construction machinery. These vehicles are used to level a surface of dirt by lowering a horizontal blade between the front and rear wheels. Motor graders have an operating cabin on top of their rear axle arrangement. They also remove dirt and snow from roads, and can level the surface with their blade. When the blade is in place, they can also lift a certain load. Road rolling compactors are another example of road construction machinery.

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Excavators are another type of road construction machinery. These vehicles act like wheel loaders, scooping soil from hard-to-reach places. Road construction is often required to install sewers, electrical wires, and internet cables. Many countries place these cables underground or alongside roads to make them easy to access. This machinery is a valuable part of the overall project. When used correctly, it can significantly increase the speed of a road construction project.