Following the trail of money in Heat

Despite being in the Godfather II together Al Pacino and Robert De Niro’s characters never meet. Pacino is Michael Corleone and De Niro plays his father, Vito. as a young man. It’s a shame, as both were starting to prove themselves as the heavyweights of the USA’s actors stable. That was all about to change when the film Heat came to the movies. This would bring the two actors together.

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Heat centres around the Pacinos and De Niro’s characters. De Niro plays Neil McCauley, a man whose crew have just robbed an armoured car of its bearer bonds. This comes to a cool $1.6 million. However, Neil has a problem. He has to make the stolen money legitimate. He goes to a money launderer who will make sure that their money disappears into general use, It’s a lot tougher job when you have AML ID CHECK like those from

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The movie centres around the performance of the two main leads and their meeting in a restaurant. Pacino’s character knows full well that McCauley is going to re-offend. However, both men genuinely like each other and strike up a conservation. Hanna (Pacino) makes it plainly clear that when the moment comes he will take McCauley down. However, McCauley says whilst he understands that this is Hanna’s job, his job is to break the law and try and get away with it. It’s a deeply intense scene,

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