How to create a happier workplace

Did you know that the happier your staff are, the more successful your business will be? Yes, it’s true and many studies have confirmed it. So, what can you do to ensure your staff are happy at work?

  • Recognition

Everybody loves a little praise and recognition for their hard work. One of the top reasons why people leave their jobs is feeling unappreciated. Make sure you incorporate rewards, weekly appreciation sessions and even simple emails thanking those who have gone above and beyond. It will go a long way.

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  • Perks

Not every company can offer a pay rise every year but there are plenty of other perks that employees appreciate. Perks that show a business cares or goes some way to improving the quality of life will be well received. Think about how you can use holiday entitlement, health and wellness programmes and childcare to make life that little bit sweeter for your staff.

  • Comfort

Small investments in simple needs can make all the difference. Think about luxury items in the restrooms, free fruit and providing free access to hydration, for example. For details about Water Coolers Wales, visit

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  • Growth

Both personal and professional growth is essential for a contented workforce. Consider subsidising training and education programmes for example. Create individual development plans and plan events where experts come and give talks and presentations. Anything that encourages learning and growth will enthuse and stimulate staff to become more involved in what they do daily.