What different light waves are there

If you have ever thought about having Solar Panels like the ones from https://gsmlimited.com/services/solar-panels/ installed, you may have wondered which aspects of lightwaves are used in the generation of electricity. To understand that you first need to know what different light waves exist.

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All different light waves or electromagnetic waves have their own distinct characteristics and therefore their own uses. The visible light element in the spectrum is the part that is used within photovoltaic cells. The cells absorb the photons from the light spectrum and then convert these into energy. Other lightwaves include:

Infrared – these are longer waves than found in the visible light spectrum. We notice them as heat and they are often used in applications such as heat lamps and thermal imaging technology.

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Microwaves – these waves are shorter than radio waves and whilst they are not often used in solar technology they are used in radar systems and microwave ovens.

Radio waves – these have the longest wavelengths and they are used primarily in communication technology such as mobile phones and wi-fi systems.

Visible light – as we have mentioned this is the element that is used in solar energy and is the light waves that we, as humans, can detect as colours. The wavelengths are shorter than infrared wavelengths and the colours that make up visible light are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Other light waves include X-ray, Ultraviolet waves and Gamma rays.