Wedding photography is changing

The wedding photo has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Time changes, technology advances and society moves on. The idea of traditional wedding photos has had to change and adapt in order to keep up with these changes.

The digital age has meant that we are always holding our mobiles. This means that the photographer must be on guard to ensure that they don’t accidentally snap the guests with one in their hand. Unplugged Weddings are a new trend that has emerged in response to the backlash. This is a strict ‘no-device’ policy.

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The ‘offbeat wedding’ is a new trend. Photographers cannot expect to see the same format every time they attend a ceremony. They must now be ready to get their feet muddy. Weddings in unusual locations, such as on boats, beaches or football stadiums, are more common than they used to be. Photographers can expect to have to do a bit more work. Now, it is more acceptable for brides and grooms with tattoos or body piercings to display them in photos.

The working days of the professional wedding photographer have also changed. In the past, weddings were always held on Saturdays. However, in order to save money and reduce costs, many couples now opt for a ceremony that takes place on a Thursday or a Friday. Due to the rising cost of weddings, discounts and mid-week offers are a very attractive option. Photographers can’t expect to only work on Saturdays. When you need an Indian Wedding Photographer Birmingham, visit

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It’s important to remember that, even though you may want your photographer using the most up-to-date equipment and being familiar with the latest trends in photography, you don’t necessarily want photos that will look dated after 20 years so beware of fads and trends that won’t last.

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