What happens when you hear sound?

Our ears are amazing organs. They not only help us hear others, music, birdsong, and the crashing waves of the sea, but they also keep us balanced. To make sense of sound waves entering our ears, we must have a connection between the auditory organs of our brain and the various parts of our brain working together. We can be affected by the sounds we hear. They can produce strong emotions like joy or sadness, and also influence our behaviour.

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The outer ear, eardrum and inner ear are the three main parts of the ear. The outer ear helps funnel sound waves into the inner ear. The eardrum is the barrier that separates the outer and the inner ear.

The eardrum vibrates when soundwaves strike it. This causes the small bones in the ear canal to vibrate which then carries the sound into the inner ear. In the inner ear, soundwaves are converted into electrical impulses that are then carried down the ear canal via tiny hairs. These electrical impulses travel along the auditory nerve to the brain, where they are interpreted. Ears are delicate, which is why you never force anything into them. If you need Ear wax removal to hear better, consider https://www.earwax.co.uk/

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Auditory cortex is located on either side of the head. This cortex is divided into three parts.

Primary – processing of the overall sound, pitch and volume

Secondary – processing patterns of harmony and melody

Tertiary processing – everything that is combined to create the musical experience.

By processing this information, we can recognise the sound as well as any emotions or feelings that go with it. Sound can evoke strong emotions.

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