A wintery cold snap

Why do we give names to storms? Does it seem strange that a violent storm can have such an innocent sounding name? The British love to talk about the weather, and the Met Office asked the public in 2015 to suggest names for storms. It was hoped that this would increase public awareness about severe weather and encourage greater safety. By giving something a name, people can track its progress. They will also be more interested in what is happening.

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Only storms that are considered to have the potential for a ‘high or medium’ impact on the UK and Ireland are given a specific name. The naming of storms before this new system had been random and inconsistent. The system now alternates male and female names as it runs through the alphabet. Only Q,U,X,YZ and Z are not allowed.

Some people are happy that the process of naming has brought some older, less-common names back into use. Some people have questioned if giving a hurricane a name is a way to minimise the severity of the storm, which could have deadly and dangerous effects on the country.

You can easily make small changes to your home to make it warmer when the snow starts to fall and storms are being forecast. If you need replacement Fencing Loughborough after a storm, visit https://directfencingandcontracting.com/services/fencing-loughborough

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Seal any cracks. Walk slowly and methodically through your house to find the places where cold air enters. Seal them once you have located the cracks. Plug the holes with anything you have. Seal the small holes with sealant. If they are larger, use old towels, rugs, or t-shirts to plug them.

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