Brick statements are on trend

Bricks have been for many centuries and are affordable and easy to use. Bricks don’t have to be dull, in fact, they have a certain excitement about them. Due to new manufacturing methods, bricks have been rethought in a variety of styles, colours and finishes.

Designers and architects make the most of countless creative opportunities and are eagerly pushing the boundaries of creativity to create high-impact statements for contemporary homes and highrises. For Residential Architects, visit

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Exposed brick walls are popular because they’re flexible and durable. They can be used in interior or exterior settings. Bricks are a popular choice for architects and designers. They have a wide range of aesthetic as well as structural uses.

Bricks are a timeless and tactile material. Both thermal and insulation factors are good.

Bricks allow people to create bolder designs than you might think. Bricks can be used to create an endless pattern that can be used for anything from accentuating an entrance to creating a dramatic window shade.

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Bricks can be used in many other ways by architects. The techniques include hit-and miss screens (where a part of the brick is removed to let light and air flow through), an unusual choice of mortar, or exposed bricks from walls and floors that are brought from indoors to outdoor spaces to be displayed.

Brick is a tactile material that can be used both internally and externally. Exposed bricks with a rustic feel are very on-trend. The bricks have an authentic, rich feel that increases the warmth of the home and blurs the lines between the inside and outside.

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