How is concrete made

It’s one of the most widely used construction materials in the world today. Concrete is used to build our homes, offices, shopping centres, road networks and even public and private works of art. For designers and architects, concrete can bring a whole new lease of life to their creations. However, concrete hasn’t always had a good reputation for being a picturesque material but, as Concrete Cheltenham based company Monster Mix will agree, it certainly makes for some strong and lasting structures that will stand the test of time.

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Concrete is a mixture of various elements. Brought together and mixed in the correct way they can create a fantastically strong yet malleable substance. When it is poured over steel rods and cages, for example when creating foundations it becomes enve stronger. A motorised mixer is needed to make sure that a good blend of materials is achieved. If the mix is too runny it won’t set, too dry and it will not pour.

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The main ingredients of good concrete are sand and gravel. These are called aggregates and make up seventy per cent of the mixture. The quality of the concrete then depends on the correct application of the binding agents added. Cement and water make up the remaining thirty percent. This is not always a straight fifteen percent split each way. The cement powder combines with the water and the aggregate to create the pourable cement.

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