How to maximise loft conversion space

Loft conversions can be a cost-effective and versatile way to transform a property, rather than buying a new home.

Your loft is more than just a place to store Christmas decorations out of sight. It can be transformed into a beautiful master suite, cosy guest room, stylish home office, or teen’s dream den.

You can also optimise your storage space with a loft renovation if you do it right. Just be creative.

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  1. Use the eaves to their fullest potential

Many people don’t know how to use the eaves when converting their loft. These areas are too narrow to stand, but they’re the ideal place to store things as you won’t be using this part of the room anyway. You can store cupboards under the eaves to maximise floor space. For Loft Conversions Exeter, go to

  1. Create a wall-mounted storage unit that is unique to you

Do you need a lot of storage space for your items? The best way to store your stuff is with custom wall storage units. These units can be used in lofts or other unconventional spaces. They can also be installed along the length of a wall, maximising the available space.

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  1. Choose sliding or folding doors

A great way to save space in your loft would be to choose sliding or folding over hinged doors. Hinged doors open either inwards or outwards. This means you need to leave some space on each side for them to be opened. This space can affect the design of a room.

Folding and sliding doors can be tucked away, saving you space in your loft. These doors could be arranged to slide into a wall. What a great way to maximise space!

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