The History of the Shipping Forecast

This year the shipping forecast turns 100 years old and has come a long way since it was first broadcast in in January 1924, although it was not until October 1985 that the BBC started to broadcast it over the radio to anyone who was interested in the conditions at sea, as well as homes all over the country who would have it on in the background.

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Because Britain is an island nation with a long history of seafaring, lots of people need to be aware of the conditions and weather out at sea to make sure that they can stay safe. The shipping forecast therefore is a brilliant way to save lives from being lost by bad weather at sea and is still used today to keep track of the weather offshore.

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From people learning the art of seamanship on courses like this day skipper course to those who work at sea on fishing boats, oil rigs and lifeboats, the shipping forecast helps to keep them safe. However, nowadays it appeals to many more people than those whose live rely on it – as well as being sung by a choir it is also a favourite with people who struggle to sleep and is available to listen to which many people claim helps them with their insomnia, due to the rhythmic way it is recited.

Although technology has come on in leaps and bounds and the way that we study and forecast the weather is ever changing, for the time being at least it seems as though the shipping forecast is set to be with us another 100 years!

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