What types of light are there?

You might wonder what it means by saying there are many different forms of light. This is because we tend to focus only on the most important one, natural sunlight. This life giving force hits us from the sun. The Earth’s rotational pattern and distance means that we are perfectly placed to make the most of it.

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It’s one of the reasons why many scientists, like Dr Brian Cox for example, question the existence of alien life forms, out there, in the Galaxy as the chances for a planet to meet the right criteria are very slim. Types of light include

  1. Sunlight. The provider for warmth and growing cycles of plants and all living things. However, direct sunlight can be dangerous as well. It can heat up buildings and rooms so designers seek to deflect it with the use of Brise Soleil, like that from alusystems.uk/.

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  1. Gamma Rays. You can’t see Gamma rays, unlike sunlight, but they are there. They come from decaying particles and cosmic rays. Nuclear explosions are the other cause.
  2. Ultraviolet rays. Again you can’t see UV rays but they are present in sunlight. However, Dogs and birds can see UV rays due to their ability to see short wavelengths of light.
  3. X rays. X-rays penetrate matter to show us the human body, with regard to bones more than anything else. It’s an incredibly useful tool that has saved countless lives.

This is just a few. There are also Radar waves, FM and AM radio waves, TV signals and infrared