Corporate team building: To make a group, just have a lunch together!

Corporate team building

According to the research conducted by Cornell University, to facilitate the Team Building should increase the possibility of sharing convivial moments

According to a recent study led by Kevin Kniffin on behalf of Cornell University, in terms of company team building, the chances of making a group by creating a close-knit staff in which the sense of belonging to the team prevails, increases exponentially when the company becomes available to support conviviality.

For US researchers, team building activities would be improved by putting employees in the condition to have lunch and / or dinner with colleagues, for the simple fact that sharing a moment as pleasant and relaxing as that of the meal would be able to strengthen the link between the subjects while increasing the level of intimacy.

Team Building: research and results

In support of his theory, Kniffin brings the results of the survey conducted on a group of firefighters who, even if they had a kitchen and an environment in which to eat, in addition to having to develop a real culinary program, they also had the burden of preparing the various dishes in a completely autonomous way.

Corporate team building

From this same experience it has emerged that to create a close-knit team the commensality plays an essential role because …

  • Develops an informal environment in which the participants are encouraged to open up to each other;
  • Brings the sense of family in the professional field;
  • Spread the culture of mutual collaboration;
  • Align the way of thinking and working of the various collaborators;
  • Increases the level of friendship between people;
  • Improves team performance.

Consequences known to perfection especially in environments such as Google, where the company is not limited only to provide a common context in which employees can eat together, but even goes so far as to offer free to all employees of abundant and tasty meals to share with colleagues.

Goal of the company team building

The primary objective of such availability is certainly to encourage workers to spend as much time as possible on campus to socialize and increase the productivity level of a staff that, not being forced to waste time and energy on travel, can maximize performance.

Certainly not many commercial activities can guarantee such services, but those who aim to get good feedback with the company team building and do not have great possibilities, can organize a few lunches sometimes with colleagues or invite staff to bring food from home to have meals together for example in the meeting room.

These are the results of the research conducted by Cornell University, which clearly explain how important it is at a professional level to make a group by stimulating among employees the sense of belonging to their staff: theories demonstrated by concrete examples, on which to build to maximize the performance of staff.