Customer Management: 6 tips to retain and create a lasting relationship with the customer

Customer management

In terms of customer management, what to do and how to behave to establish with the audience of lasting professional relationships? Here are six practical tips to implement in order to achieve the goal without problems: effective tips that, if followed to the letter, can bring excellent results in no time.

# 1- Plan the projects carefully and scrupulously

The first rule that allows you to build customer loyalty, is to plan in advance the steps of the projects, drawing up a precise program that allows the practitioner to know how to proceed and the developer to figure out when it will be done.

That the referent give clear indications about what to do or who remains more vague in provisions, as well as establishing time for the modes operand to be followed during construction, it is also important to specify the results to be achieved and draw up a timetable including the agreed deadlines.

Next it should formulate a clear and unequivocal estimate, to avoid unnecessary disputes or embarrassing disputes in the future (under negotiation, should always be friendly and polite, so well disposed to each other).

Customer management
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# 2- Showing themselves open to dialogue

When it comes to customer relations, the communication plays a vital role: keep in touch with their audience must indeed become a commitment to be taken on a daily basis.

By e-mail, through social networks, the phone or even postal mail: providing a valuable service complete, giving constant updates on the status of individual projects, allows to anticipate problems and smooth them before they degenerate.

If, for example, the actions are stopped a couple of days for unforeseen last minute, it should notify the contact person explaining the issue and providing a good excuse. In this way it does not present the risk of being late or (worse yet) unprofessional.

# 3- Make available to the public their skills

A good customer management is also the projected towards the exchange and daily sharing of their technical skills. The same skills that, when put to the service of consumers, helping to improve the relationship between both parties.

Making suggestions, hypotheses and solutions to solve public problems, it is possible to be seen by the same, not so much as mere providers of services, but as real professionals of which really be trusted.

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# 4- Share your network of contacts

If the primary purpose is to build customer loyalty, a good strategy to be implemented may well be to share with the audience the network of contacts in their address book.

Lend a hand to advising customers a reliable supplier over another or simply providing some good contact can intervene to resolve a given problem, pushes those who receive support to try more confidence in those who makes himself available to him.

Another advantageous aspect of suggesting to the next of good professionals, then resides in the fact that, in case of future needs, people received help in the past will probably want to repay returning the favor received.

# 5- Time management in order to meet deadlines

A good relationship with the customer is also established according to the timing of delivery of various projects. To do this it is advisable to envisage a clear timeline, realistic and, above all, respectable even in the presence of unexpected events. The easiest way to always be on time, is to use the traditional paper calendars to mark the different deadlines or to download applications and software specifically designed to help you better manage time.

When choosing a delivery date, in addition to considering all other commitments contained in the agenda, then it must also provide the extra days to perfect the job: If the entire project is completed in advance and delivery is first, the customer does not you may have to wait satisfaction and gratitude. Conversely, if you speculate delays, they should report them as soon as possible, so as to avoid causing unexpected of any kind in the referent.

# 6- Showing themselves honest

From time immemorial, in the customer management as well as in all other human relationships, things are better when both parties will demonstrate honest and open : sincerity is transmitted mainly by describing their skills, explaining the actual skills possessed and defining time required to complete a certain project.

If, for example, promises a delivery within a certain period of time and the deadline is not respected, in addition to disappoint the expectations of the customer, it is also likely to miss the entire assignment. But if you are clear right from the start, the person with whom you are to have to do quite know what to expect.

These are our 6 valuable tips to put in place with the primary goal of customer loyalty: practical tips specifically designed to strengthen the relationship with the public and make it even more stable, solid and lasting.