Effective ways to stay motivated and focused on the business in 2018

stay motivated and focused on the business

Persistence and focus on the goals are one of the necessary conditions for success in any area, and in entrepreneurship as well. Following our advice in the new year, you can better stick to the planned course and guaranteed to achieve your goals …

Maintain motivation by documenting your goals

Keep a diary, write down goals in the calendar, share plans on your page in a social network, in general, do everything that works for you and that has some influence on you. The writing down of goals is a refinement of their wording. Because everything in our brain is abstract, and everything that is on paper is concrete.

After writing down the goals, go to motivation. What motivates you? What can spur, anger, and make work? Here are a few questions that will help determine the working incentives …

stay motivated and focused on the business

What would you do if you had a million dollars on your bank account?

Many people think that money is the most important motivator for them, but in reality this is far from the case. We are not stimulated by the money itself, but by what we can do with money. Therefore, move from this statement. What would you do if you had a significant amount of money? For example, they would leave the office, go wherever they wanted, work or not at their own discretion, independently dispose of their own time. Conclusion – you want to work from home. Excellent! Now you have understanding. Formulate it, put it at the end of the path as the desired goal and work on finding ways and tools to achieve it.

What do you do in your free time?

The way we spend our free time says a lot about us. Find out what you are doing most often outside of work and why you are doing it. Use this knowledge as a motivational factor.

Who do you spend your free time with?

For most of us, the family is a very strong motivator. For other people – friends. In any case, understanding who is exerting a stimulating influence on us is very important for successful work.

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Avoid everything that distracts, and be more productive

The more we do, the more reasons to distract, because the intermediate success relaxes and distracts. Meanwhile distraction is our main enemy on the way to achieving the set goals. Keep reading http://phase-2.org/business/excellent-business-ideas-to-undertake-part-time/

How to avoid this trap? Stay as focused as you can on everything you do, do not spray, do not celebrate too long an interim success, and do not get distracted by something that was not originally planned. These are questions that you can ask yourself to check, and whether you have accidentally engaged in something incidental, which does not lead to the goal.

  1. Does this thing help you to achieve your goals faster?
  2. Is not this something unproductive and abstract in comparison with other matters?
  3. Maybe I am wasting my time?
  4. Are these actions necessary to achieve my goals or without them you can safely get by on the way to the desired one?

In the network, you can find many tips that help to cope with distraction. But in fact the most important and at the same time the simplest of them is to remove the distraction from the equation. For example, if you know that you spend too much time reading a tape on Facebook, then simply block this site on your computer or remove the application from your phone.

Understand where you spend your time and leave only productive places for hanging out

During the day, we have time to redo many things. But if you suddenly notice that there is a hibernation, and you did not do half of what was planned, then you need to do something with your ability to organize yourself. The principle is the same as when controlling finances: for some time to write down all your spending, dividing purchases into classes (food, clothing, entertainment, training, etc.), and at the end of the selected period to analyze spending and mark some of them as redundant. Do the same with your time. Write down all the cases and time spent on these cases (there are enough special programs on the network to implement this idea), and then perform an “audit” noting and removing from your life that which is not productive and does not help to move towards the intended goal. Understanding how we spend our efforts is always sobering.

Expand the circle of people who have a positive influence on you

Most people are by nature team players. Even if your business is a business of a loner, it is always better to work at the thought that you are surrounded by successful and not indifferent people to you. Friends, acquaintances, friends in social networks, family, business contacts – all this allows you not to feel abandoned and helps to work harder, because you are looked at and your results will in any case be evaluated.