Five Easy Nonprofit Fundraising Solutions

Most people tend to choose people for giving money instead of trusting organizations for donations. This makes it very important for nonprofit organizations to find out the ways that are handy in drawing their potential donors from the society in addition to encourage them to donate money for their organizations without any hesitation. When donors start feeling comfortable with the individuals or organization involved in the process, there’s a good chance of them to feel comfortable to contribute to the success of those individuals or organization.

If you own a nonprofit organization and are looking for some useful ways that can work as effective fundraising solutions, then here are a few for your help.

  1. Invite Your Prospects

Inviting your potential donors to a number of different functions can help them know about your nonprofit organization, its purpose or aim and so forth. These events can include informative lectures, annual meetings, awareness programs or various workshops sponsored by your organization. Furthermore, targeted social events can be handy in fundraising. You can invite your prospects backstage in order to help them see things that you generally don’t show or leave open for public. This way you can make them feel like comfortable in your organization.

  1. Introduce Your Non-profit

It’s very important to take your visitors to a personal tour of the premises of your organization. Make sure you introduce them all facilities offered by your office and meet important people of your organization along the way. You should end up in the office of the executive director of the organization where you can make a thorough introduction of what you and your nonprofit organization do,and entertain the questions of your guests. Also, it’s recommended to make your guests feel special by letting them know that you value their attention, interest and contributions.

  1. Use Direct Mail

Direct mail can be one of the most appealing ways to raise more donations for your charity mission. However, there are several important factors to consider when using a mail for fundraising including evaluating the result you received from your previous fundraising direct mail. You need to see what things worked for your mission and what went wrong. Also, have a plan for the fundraising success which should start with a proper concept, go with design and include response as well as evaluation. To know more about using direct mail, visit this page.

  1. Tell Your Organization’s Stories

Many people love to relate inspirational stories, and having a nonprofit organization means you have several experiences that you may want to share with your prospects. There can be numerous ways to tell your potential donors the stories about your organization and its struggles. For example, you can enlighten them about some audience events or your experience with patients. Moreover, tell them about the demographics you have or patient ratio.

  1. Use Scratch Cards

This is a new fundraising way that has helped many nonprofits achieve their target. Some deals may cost you $1500 up front, and you can sell 100 cards for an expected profit of up to $10,000. The buyers are given a chance to win a “free” pizza or something similar. This way you can motivate people to buy the cards helping you do well with fundraising for your nonprofit organization.


Many nonprofits ramp up their fundraising efforts and ask for donations. However, it’s a bit intimidating task where you can also easily get confused about the best way to improve fundraising. Hopefully, you can improve your fundraising mission by following the above tips.