Five reasons you should learn to invest in college

Do you find yourself questioning whether or not you should invest in college? While it is bar far one of the largest expenses you will make in your lifetime, a college degree unlocks numerous doors for career growth, personal and professional advancement, and an experience of a lifetime.  Plus, once the hard work of studying and writing terms paper is over, it can be quite a lot of fun. 

Here are five reasons to you should learn to invest in college.

  1. Holding a College Degree is Similar to Holding the Winning Powerball Ticket

With a bachelor’s degree, you will have developed the skills to do just about anything and you earn money for it. A college degree validates the dedication you have to being successful and knowledgeable in a particular field, which is ideal for hiring managers and employers. For many businesspeople looking to add to their ranks, a degree or certificate means greater expertise, which is something they’re likely willing to pay more for. Unemployment rates are known to be much higher for workers without a college degree.

Five reasons you should learn to invest in college

  1. The Relationships You Make Last a Lifetime

Not only will friends you make in college be valuable for personal reasons for the remainder of your adult life, but they can also be of value when looking to network professionally in the future. Upon earning a degree, you and your classmates will move to different cities, gain new experiences and grow in your career independently. There will quite possibly be a time that one of them will be able to share an opportunity with you professionally you many not have otherwise found simply because they know you from college.

Many people find their spouses while in college as well, since you spend all of your time around people in the same age group with common interests and aspirations. Meeting new friends, professors, love interests, mentors and colleagues expands your horizon at a very important time in your life.

  1. Have the Opportunity to Travel

Whether through study abroad programs, class trips, internships or volunteering, you are able to see areas of the world you may not have otherwise while a college student. Many of these programs and opportunities are out of state and even out of the country for extended periods of time, giving many a chance to learn a new language, make new friends and definitely make great memories to share while still learning and earning a degree for the future.

  1. Gain Your Independence

It is likely that you’ve been living with your parents or guardians until this point, so going away to college permits you to gain an independence and freedom outside of your childhood home. For the first time, it is up to you when you do your homework, when you go out, how you spend your money and who you spend your time with. Your parents or guardians may still have a say, but at this point, you’re on your own to make life-changing decisions for the first time.

  1. Learn Valuable Work Skills

From time management to proper writing styles to important computer training, college allows for real-time experience with experts in the field you choose to study. If you are studying in UAB’s online masters in accounting program, then you will undoubtedly learn critical bookkeeping and math skills needed to be a CPA.  Without this hands-on training, it is unlikely you will be prepared as a professional to be successful and knowledgeable in your career.