Genio: Best Shared Calendar App

Genio is a cutting-edge Staff Productivity App that can efficiently manage the scheduling, communication, tasks, attendance, and location of their workforce by keeping live track of all the employees or the workers of the company from your genio app, which directly affects the efficiency and productivity of the employees. This app is specially designed for workers, managers, and entrepreneurs of the Field Service, Retail, and Hospitality industries, but can be a lot useful for other purposes also.  This app works like a shared calendar app which helps in assigning tasks to all the connected and employees, and it also monitors their status of work of every second just on your fingertips. You can instruct your employee to update you with the order sitting away in any hotel management firm, or you can also use this app to inform your fellow workers about new work, previous work completion, or any other issue related to the work.

Uses of Genio App:

  • Besides using this app for shift planning, it can also be used for managing attendance of the workers or the employees without any hustle as the app uses face detection technology to check-in every individual.

This app can also help in team communication for staying connected with distant fellows:

  • Genio app can also help students in preparing for exams and managing their timetable and for group studies also with friends from distant.
  • This is an incredibly helpful app for managing the daily medical schedule for old age citizens and patient at home and hospitals both.
  • This technologically advanced app can be helpful for administrators or bank head also to manage all the supervisors of different branches without any headache of reading reports of every branch.
  • This app also has a location monitoring system which can help to have live tracking management of dispatching orders for distributors.
  • You can also share video tutorials and to your colleagues or junior or employees to instruct them with the work even after being away from them.
  • All the hard copy data can be saved and shared also through Genio app making system free from paper management and cost.
  • Genio app is the final application for edifice worker management also and can clearly ensure your high standards of service rendering to customers.

Purpose of the app:  This app is created on the belief of making better, managed, and a more comfortable lifestyle with the advanced technology. Stat shows that almost 80% of workers globally are “Desk-less”, and with the Genio app, we are just trying to bring digital transformation in the world to make work style and lifestyle simpler.

Genio app is like a helping hand for customers that took the responsibilities of all tactical activities like staff management, attendance monitoring and allowing them easiness to grow better without any hustles.

In short of all, this app is simply the best software platform for the purpose of management in service companies. Helps in increasing productivity, efficiency, and decreasing schedule management, task management, shift management, and attendance control work to get your focus more on the development and growth of your business.