How anthrax contaminates land

Anthrax is a bacteria that can cause lots of devastation both to people and animals, but also the land that it infects. Contaminated Land Remediation from professional companies such as will often be needed to make the ground safe once again.

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The spores of Anthrax, also known as Bacillus anthracis are only between 0.5 and 5 micrometres in size which makes them incredibly difficult to detect and incredibly easy to inhale. This is why those people who work in areas that are known to be infected with anthrax will use a variety of safety measures such as breathing apparatus to help protect their lungs.

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Anthrax was once used as a biological weapon as it can lay dormant in land for centuries and it can be hard to detect. There have been cases where the testing on anthrax on areas meant that nothing could be grown on this land and no animals could be let to graze on it either. There are areas where animals have been tested and have been found to have high levels of the anthrax spores in their systems. This shows just how easily it can be transmitted.

Unlike viruses anthrax can not be passed from human to human through contact but it can be easily picked up from contaminated land. This is why it is important for land to be tested for anthrax if it is in a high risk area.